Installation title

Recycling Artribune.


Viola Tonucci


The password on the Artribune stand is” RECYCLING ” as RECOVERY of values ​​and ancient traditions to redesign today and tomorrow.

The culture is chewed, digested and transformed into energy: in this case it is also changed in physical form, in fact, the magazines already read, are reused both to create a tapestry that bears the logo of Artribune and a seat that reproduces the pouf MAO mentioned at the Young & Design 2011 competition and produced since 2012 by the Manifestodesign company.

The magazines already read by Artribune, are thus cut into strips and loosely woven to create new products and new forms in which the memory of the original object remains, which brings with it the colors and the smells of paper printed and consumed by time … a natural time linked to the cycle of life, artisanal work done in a workmanlike manner, beauty, reading and understanding and respect for living beings and things.



@ARTISSIMA 2016, Torino