Centro di energia

Centro di energia

O as the origin and principle of everything

whether it is a physical state or is depicted in space through the Cartesian system.

O as a circle, as a circular, as a flow, as a center in which the lines meet.

O as a center of energy, or as Okite, a hard, resistant material composed of quartz and which preserves all the physical and mechanical characteristics of the Mother rock from which it derives.

The Origin, the Earth, the Circularity, the Rock, the Hardness, the floors, the surfaces, the industrial slabs … expanses and expanses of Okite … the floors, the kitchen counters, the bathroom, the walls, the buildings … the mountains!

Imagine that Okite wants to return to the quartz and become rock again, mountain!

Here then a floor and also a wall that burst with an unknown energy … so cuts are formed and the shape is drawn that rises strongly to the y axis and in tension towards the sky branches off like a crater projecting a center, an O as Okite an O as a circle, a void, to give space to the vital energy to transform into ideas and to assume new forms that express different ways and worlds.